As a producer Deepti’s mission is to create and support projects that challenge an audience to see their society in a new light. She recently started her own production company, Hamari Films, along with her partner, Larry Pontius.

 Current Projects

HAYKI-YOUTUBE-HEADER-smallHappy and You Know It – Darkly funny, Happy and You Know It, is a short film about the anxieties of pregnancy. Devika and Kevin are having their first baby. Everyone’s happy.  She’s NOT.  Troubling visions of rivalry with her future baby haunt Devika as she struggles to face her fears about becoming a mother. Watch the trailer Worldwide release Nov 7

Umbrella – An independent feature about the loneliness of living in a big city, Umbrella tells the story of two strangers on  a rooftop, a Peeping Tom and a cutter, who try to find common ground. It all changes as taboos and secrets are revealed and dreams fall apart. What began as an act of kindness turns into a war of wills. Film is in post-production now. For more details visit the facebook page


Bodylogue – A one-woman play about body-image and skin color, Bodylogue is Sonu’s story of growing up in India surrounded by negative messages about dark skin, weight and being a woman. We follow her as she travels to Singapore and America where the messages become even more complicated. Learn more



2nd Sundays – A screenplay reading series in Los Angeles every 2nd Sunday of the month, 2nd Sundays is a space where actors get to read new material, writers get to hear their work out loud, and producers and directors get to hear a new screenplay they are considering while building and enhancing their networks. Learn more


Foreign Born Artists’ Collective – A collective of artists born outside of the United States and based in NYC. The goal of the collective was to encourage foreign-born professional artists to create plays, screenplays, prose or poetry as a way to tell their unique stories.

Upcoming Projects

Stuck in Traffic – a web-series under development.

Tip – a short/feature film under development.