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Empathy is one of the tools I use as a parent but as an actor it is my most necessary tool. It demands that I learn more about myself and the other.

I thrive when I’m part of a creative collaboration. As a kid, in summer holidays, I used to gather my cousins & friends to dramatize the latest comic books. In undergrad, the college drama club became my creative community where I  acted in & directed plays. When I moved to Singapore, I was like a fish out of water but as soon as I started collaborating with theatre professionals there, I felt right at home. When I emigrated to America to study acting at UT Austin, my MFA Acting classmates became my community of collaborators. When I moved to NYC as a professional, collaborations with fellow artists on stage and on-screen gave me a sense of belonging. Then I moved to Los Angeles, where I now live, and I was surprised when I struggled to find a community of artists to collaborate with. Subconsciously I knew I needed to be in a creative collaboration so I started 2nd Sundays, a monthly screenplay reading salon. 

It started in my living room and in four years 2nd Sundays grew to be a organization with 30+ members that were actors and writers. While I continued to grow 2nd Sundays with the help of fellow artists, I became part of a whole other kind of community. New mothers. Here was an opportunity to play and learn from each other as first-time mothers. Without this community I might not have felt as secure in my parenting as I do. Now I get to dramatize stories to my audience of one, my son. I feel fortunate that I have always found amazing people to collaborate with and I dream of a future abundant in collaborations that nurture my creativity.


A Monthly Screenplay Reading Salon

Started in my living room and became a space where actors got to read new materials and writers got to hear their words out loud. In four years 2nd Sundays became a sought-after membership organization with 30+ members and over 400 subscribers on our mailing list. We hosted annual showcase events and industry panels with guests such as EMMY award-winning Rick Cleveland (House of Cards, Nurse Jackie, The West Wing, Six Feet Under) and Bryan Cogman (Game of Thrones) along with Rick Copp (Femme Fatales, The Golden Girls), Yule Caise (2013 “Fox Writers Intensive” Fellow), Ellen Fairey (Nurse Jackie, 666 Park Avenue) and Kristi Korzec (The Neighbors, Franklin & Bash, Sons of Tucson). We were honored to have Pam Dixon (casting director of The Mask of Zorro, GoldenEye, Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing, Robert Altman’s Gosford Park and A Prairie Home Companion, Barney’s Version and Green Lantern) as our champion and guest of honor at one such event.

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A One-Woman Show

Bodylogue follows the trans-continental journey of a young Indian girl who dreams of becoming a Bollywood star. Colorism and body-shaming messages from loved ones & the media slowly chip away at her self-esteem as she travels from India to Singapore and arrives in Hollywood. Will she finally feel worthy of her dream or will she give up in the face of racism? A semi-autobiographical character, Sonu is the every brown/black girl who struggles to gain self-acceptance in the face of “white worship”. Performed in an hour and a half, Sonu and 15+ characters take you on the journey. Some sing and dance to tell their side of the story, while others just tell is like it is.